Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cotton Candy Crush

You may just find out that you have a crush on my new Cotton Candy Headband. I has three different shades of pink satin (carnation (the hot pink), pink (the pink pink) and rose (the pale pink)). Each rosette has more pink sewn onto them with different shades of pink beads (these come from an upcycled bracelet of my daughters that I can't bring myself to fix, so I put it to use). On the tippy top of the headband there is a puff of chocolate brown tulle, because who doesn't love a little chocolate?

Thanks to a friend who wanted some headbands as a gift, I came up with this. I sat down to figure out what I wanted to do and pink came to mind. Because what is more girlie then pink? Nothing! So I decided to include several pinks so it can go with everything pink. Then as I was getting ready to put it together, I decided it needed a hint of chocolate to finish it off. So if you every thought cotton candy and chocolate don't go together, I'm here to prove you wrong!


Chanel said...

Chels, you are amazing! I just sent out an e-mail to Cambria's soccer team. We made the puffs at the tournament the other weekend, and I see them wearing them all the time now. Everyone is in love with the flowers the girls wear! You are too good :)

brit said...

hailie loved it! thanks again.