Friday, September 3, 2010

Two Thoughts

Thought 1:
I was reading an article about how personality sales. Great, I'm screwed! Now don't take this wrong, I have personality. Translating it to words and on paper (blogs) is a whole different story. I am not the creative type, at least with words. So PLEASE don't penalize me for this. Look at my stuff, it is reeking of personality and I don't really care if anyone else likes my style, because I love it. It is nice that there are some out there who appreciate it, though. Any who, I just thought I'd get that thought out of my head and move onto thought two....

Thought 2:
Am I EVER going to have time to get all these ideas in my mind out and into actual pieces? I have so many things floating around in there and it can be a bit annoying at times (like when I can't sleep because of the images floating around). I hope to sit down and get these things out into more products, I know you'll love them (if not at least I will). I am also wanting , badly, to hit some estate sales or at least spend a day searching things out on eBay. I got to a little yesterday and almost bought 11lbs. of buttons, yes 11lbs. I am kinda bummed I didn't go for it, but I stuck to my max price I wanted to pay for button, which can be ridiculous, since I already hav3 a beautiful stash from my Great Grandmother. Someday, Someday!

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