Saturday, July 24, 2010


My Great Grandmother passed away a few years ago and us granddaughters were fortunate enough to be able to split up her costume jewelry. It was fun to get together and check out all of her fun things. It is amazing how things come back in style, but how much cooler it is to have the originals. I knew I loved all my treasure, especially for sentimental value, but I didn't realize how much more I would grow to love them. I got them home and cleaned them up, then I found more the various times we would go to her house and gather more treasures. I always wanted to grab what nobody else wanted knowing that I could use it for Scrapbooking or something. Little did I realize how much fun they would be as time would go on. I love adding them to my flowers and dressing up outfits. I know I could use these to sell vintage costume jewelry, and nice ones at that, but I can bear to part with any of it. I can wait to see how my use of my treasures will evolve over time. I have many more treasures to share, also that I can't seem to part with except for family. But with the realization of my love for yet another thing, I think I need to start garage selling and Estate selling it on the weekends. When my time permits, maybe even hitting up some thrift stores to find more treasures, that I can part with and pass on in my flowers or what ever else I come up with.

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Annie. said...

All of her things are so beautiful. Thank you so much for parting with some of those pretty buttons at Girl's Week - especially to us sisters in law. :) I love the flowers I made with them, and I finally just turned them into a shirt yesterday! They will always be extra special because of the heritage behind them.