Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adding to my headbands

I am adding new three flower organza headbands with Swarvoski crystals centers to my shop. I have many more colors to come, but right now I have black, brown, cornflower and raspberry available. Soon I will be adding sage and lilac. I also have added an option to add Velcro so you can just by the flowers and switch them out, this is what I do so it keeps the cost down and it takes up less room. If I don't have these options up just get contact me and arrangements can be made to get an order together of what you need. Also contact me for more color options. The headbands also come in black and silver. I suggest getting one of each.

These are the flowers I get the most compliments on. I love them. They often look as if they are just floating in my hair. They are also great because they fit many different size heads, they easily bend in or out to fit your needs. I also love that I can make any of my other clips with Velcro to attach also. This was you have limitless options with my headbands. Stop by my shop to check them out.