Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raspberry Romance

I guess I really liked this color because I went to the store and bought it twice without realizing it. I have a couple of other things in this color, one is listed at my store and the other is sitting here right next to me waiting to be finished. I am just deciding whether to make it a clip or bobby pins. Decisions...decisions!! I have not been able to get all the ideas floating around in my mind done, let alone anything else, because I caught a wild hair and decided to can and dry peaches. I still need to get my dilly beans done and learn how to make a tomato juice from my friend and try out some salsa. What was I thinking?!?! Oh well. I know we will enjoy all my hard work this winter when the peaches just aren't so yummy, and let's face it nothing is like freshly pick from the local orchard (Love you Kirby's). Maybe next week I will get somethings accomplished, but don't hold your breath.


Chanel said...

Pretty, Pretty! Love the color too.

Josh said...

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